White Paper
Things to consider as you think about a DAM

Can a DAM (Digital Asset Management system) save you money?

In our experience, the answer to this question is an overwhelming yes. There
are many different ways that it can happen, and you can use the ROI calculator
and question list on our site to help you determine this. Here are some things to
think about.

  • How much physical space are you devoting to storing your assets, whether digital or in hard copy?

  • How many people are dedicated to organizing, storing, and most importantly, finding those objects when you need them?

  • How much time does it take to find the object that you need?

  • How often do you reshoot or recreate art because it is easier to remake it than to find the original?

  • How easily can you share assets between departments or groups within your organization? If one group has no way to determine what another has already created, they’re probably wasting time and money re-inventing the wheel more often than they should be.